Wednesday, January 18, 2017

                                 The difference of the clouds

 Cumulus  - White fluffy clouds that usually mean good weather.

Cirrus - Thin clouds made of ice crystals high in the atmosphere usually means a change in the weather is coming.

Stratus - Sheets of low, grey clouds that bring light snow or rain.


cumulus                          cirrus

                                          My group

                                         My plan

I have done many things in this year 2016 .My highlights in this year is joining world scholars which I haven't before and learn so much from it such as debating, learning music, history,  writing.I have been to summer camp with my friends in Singapore, I entered Panyarat high school, I started to play football again after a long time ago. I started to play tennis more than before. Next year I'm planning and looking forward to improving things that I do to be better and start to learn something new such as Japanese, continue playing drums that I never played it a long time ago

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