Wednesday, January 18, 2017

                                 The difference of the clouds

 Cumulus  - White fluffy clouds that usually mean good weather.

Cirrus - Thin clouds made of ice crystals high in the atmosphere usually means a change in the weather is coming.

Stratus - Sheets of low, grey clouds that bring light snow or rain.


cumulus                          cirrus

                                          My group

                                         My plan

I have done many things in this year 2016 .My highlights in this year is joining world scholars which I haven't before and learn so much from it such as debating, learning music, history,  writing.I have been to summer camp with my friends in Singapore, I entered Panyarat high school, I started to play football again after a long time ago. I started to play tennis more than before. Next year I'm planning and looking forward to improving things that I do to be better and start to learn something new such as Japanese, continue playing drums that I never played it a long time ago

Monday, January 9, 2017

1.Describe how the ball roll off the ramp at each height discuss the effect of bouncing or other force?
The higher the height the slower and shorter distance the ball will roll and the more number of bounce will happen
2.Discuss what is the fastest speed reached and any factors that could improve this.
1.6 m/s making the smoother rap can improve the ball to move faster
3.Does the ball travel in a straight line,why or why not?
The ball doesn't travel in straight line because the force to the ball is unequal